Thank You Class of 1981 for Your Generosity, Class Spirit and Dedication to Future Generations of Wellesley Women


Ourspirit-snip class has demonstrated that participation in annual giving is one of the ways we connect to one another, the college and future generations of Wellesley women.  We know a gift of even one dollar truly makes a difference in this world.  In 2016, we came together and celebrated our 35th Reunion.  We reunited with old friends and made new connections reaffirming, once again, that our shared bond will help sustain us throughout our lifetimes. 

In June 2016 (go here for more about our FY 2016 results), we did something so remarkable that the Vice President of Resources and Public Affairs (alumna of '84) Cameron Mason wrote our class to say: 

"On behalf of Wellesley College, I write with heartfelt thanks for your dedication and support alongside your fellow alumnae from the Class of 1981. Year after year, your class has set the standard for class giving, and your continued commitment is an inspiration to other alumnae. As you know, in fiscal year 2016 your class achieved an astounding participation of 66.2%, which was higher than all other classes of the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, 2000s, and 2010s!

Through your generous support, Wellesley is able to prepare young women to make meaningful contributions to the world—and to be major influencers in it.
... Your class’s tradition of participation and leadership sets the standard for all of us—though as a fellow ’80s alumna, it’s also a great source of competitive spirit! Thank you again for your support."


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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Your Wellesley Fund Representatives,

Nina Lipton and Mary Baker Wiley